Frequently asked questions

How does work? ⚙️, by asking questions and receiving answers, analyzing the data available on the Internet, offers customers appropriate offers according to the chosen topic. The customer can also receive the offered offers and news by e-mail, SMS and Messenger.
What you need to do to get a loan?
  1. After the loan offer on the site "", select the lender;
  2. Fill out the registration form on the lenders website. The registration form is simple and takes 30 seconds to complete;
  3. Wait for the decision of the lender by e-mail or SMS. In case of positive answer, you will receive money.
How quickly the lender makes a decision? ⏳
The decision to grant a loan is given within a few minutes, but not later than within one business day.
How soon will I receive the money in my bank account? 💳
The money is transferred to the bank account immediately after signing the agreement with the selected lender. The time of the transfer will depend on the bank where the account is located, and usually takes from 15 minutes to several hours.
Which lenders offers are displayed? works with leading licensed lenders to ensure data security standards using an SSL encryption certificate, as well as clear information on interest rates and loan costs. offers customers the most suitable lenders by analyzing online data and response results.
How to delete a conversation?
Choose below Menu Icon in the "delete conversation" section, which will delete the conversation. Without deleting the conversation, the data on is stored for 26 months (for analysis and best deals) and then deleted.
What to do if the loan can not be repaid on time?
If the loan cannot be repaid on the date specified in the agreement, contact the lenders customer service department to find the best solution.
Can I unsubscribe from the newsletter?
Yes, if you do not wish to receive news and promotional messages from, please unsubscribe via email, SMS or Messenger.